Timescaledb cloud uses multinode helm chart internally?

Is it timescaledb cloud use a multinode helm chart internally?

Also, would at least a new multinode docker container be published in the future on DockerHub for multinode?

As I read in a post, the helm chart for multinode will not be supported, and the timescaleDB-Multinode helm chart is presently no longer updated and deprecated. And also seeking for possible community maintainers that can assist us in getting the helm chart back up and running.


Hello, and sorry about the long delay on this question.

We don’t use the chart internally anymore (we use an operator which is specific to Timescale Cloud). We deprecated the Helm chart as we don’t currently have the resources to maintain it - but I’ve taken your feedback onboard and am in talks with the internal team about this.

If you’re interested in becoming a community maintainer then that’s amazing, and I can definitely work with you to get some resources as you start off!

I’m grateful, @James. We have chosen to use timescale as our historian product, so I am currently speaking with management to learn about company policy and to contribute to maintenance as a team.

After the conversation, I will undoubtedly reply shortly.

I’d also like to know if there’s a particular reason timescale cloud hasn’t chosen a helm chart.