Timescale Community Day #2 and a Call for Presentations

Save the date! We’re having a second, online, Timescale Community Day on March 31st, 2022

This time, we’d love for speakers from the community to come and share about their projects and cool technologies. So we’re staging a Call for Presentations (or Proposals or Papers – you get to choose your favorite P :smile: ).

Why you might want to submit a CFP?

  1. You’ve always wanted to try presenting at a conference or meet up. Well, this is a great time to do it, it’s online so you’ll be in your own space and we’re a friendly bunch here at Timescale. New speakers are welcome. You’ll get chance to practice, help with slides if you need it, and in the very unlikely event that you need to be bailed out, our fantastic developer advocates led by @ryanbooz will be on hand to ask questions and help you out of your tiny stumble. If you want to see how we roll, check out the reels from our first community day!
  2. You’re passionate about your project and want to share it with the world… maybe you want to attract developers to contribute to your open source project and love it as much as you do. Perhaps you think it deserves more attention and want to give it a moment in the spotlight.
  3. You’re proud of how you solved a technical problem and think others will benefit from knowing what you found this is an amazing thing to want to do and we want to help you achieve that goal!
  4. You’d like to be able to demonstrate your community credentials to future employers and partners Being able to share a video of your contribution to a community event is an easy way to demonstrate your commitment to your craft. In a similar vein…
  5. It’s part of your job to share your project or purpose with the wider community and speaking at Timescale Community Day offers just such an opportunity.
  6. Your applications to big conference get overlooked without great examples of your talking prowess This can help you with that :wink:

The topic I want to present isn’t wholly about TimescaleDB

That works for us! Naturally, we love presentations about TimescaleDB and Promscale. However, check out the CFP. We would LOVE :heart: to host presentations that address “adjacent technologies” or, in other words… technologies that fascinate and engage you are very likely to also fascinate and engage others. It’s the essence of community!


Head over to our community day page, save the date in your calendar, submit a proposal or just show up on the day.

PS We don’t ask anyone to barter away an email address to attend this event. Just come as you are! But if you would like an email reminder (only about this event!) please share your email via the subscription box on the community day page so that we can send you a nudge.