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Question: Does anyone know if this custom version of telegraf was updated ?

The Timescale team no longer maintains the TimescaleDB adaptation to the Telegraf plugin. PRs were unadopted so it became difficult for us to keep it in step with the latest upstream version. Consequently, it became difficult too to schedule the development efforts as a priority over other initiatives.

However, there are some avenues you might explore.

  • Some community members have had success with the HTTP Input plugin
  • Aiven has a version of the plugin that incorporates the customizations (at the time of writing this post!)
  • Users have reported good outcomes from using the pre-releases binaries attached to [feat: postgresql output by @phemmer ] · Pull Request #8651 · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub]( – Thank you! ** Update September 2022: We understand that release 1.24.0 of telegraf will contain the postgres output plugin **

It looks like the community created plugin mentioned in the initial post is set to be merged in the near future!

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I see that this plugin has now been merged to telegraf and we can expect the next release 1.24.0 of telegraf to contain postgres output plugin.

Can we please update the docs to indicate the same

Hello @Bhakta_Raghavan welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the prompt, I’ve updated this post and I’ll make a note for our docs team to review the Timescale docs.

Thank you @LorraineP

This document needs an update:

Thanks for the heads up! Docs have this document on the backlog, and we’ll be reviewing it soon with the updated plugin :+1: