Support for OpenTelemetry traces in Promscale is now generally available (Promscale 0.11)

We’re happy to share that tracing in Promscale is now GA :rocket::confetti_ball: starting with Promscale 0.11!

If you are already using Promscale and you’d like to upgrade, a few important notes before you do so:

  • Promscale 0.11 introduces important changes relative to the previous version. We recommend testing the upgrade and taking a backup if possible.

  • :warning: When upgrading, previous tracing data will be dropped when you upgrade. To improve performance, we’ve made some fundamental structural changes to the way data is stored relative to the beta version. Unfortunately, these changes require dropping data.

  • Before starting the upgrade, please make sure that you have deployed version 0.5.0 of the Promscale extension. You will also need TimescaleDB 2.6.1 or above. Then, stop all your Promscale Connector instances, upgrade the first one, and restart it. Once the process is completed for the first one, upgrade the remaining Promscale instances.

  • This upgrade could take up to 5-10 minutes on very large databases. Consider that during that time, Promscale will not be able to ingest or query data.

  • This upgrade modifies many database objects. Thus on large deployments, you may need to increase the max_locks_per_transaction parameter on your database before starting the upgrade.

  • Multi-node TimescaleDB is not supported in this release.

Shoot us any questions if you have any doubts!