Self-hosted Installation Error - No Libraries Found

I receive the following errors when installing the self-hosted option of Timescaledb onto Windows 10. After the Postgresql 14.7 installation, the TSDB setup installation leads to the following in the cmd window,

2023/04/13 10:19:19 WELCOME to TimescaleDB Windows installer!
2023/04/13 10:19:19 Will use pg_config found at: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\14\bin\pg_config.exe
2023/04/13 10:19:19 Will copy dll files to: C:/PROGRA~1/POSTGR~1/14/lib
2023/04/13 10:19:19 timescaledb-tune is a program that modifies your postgresql.conf configuration to be optimized for your machine’s resources.
Do you want to run timescaledb-tune.exe now? [(y)es / (n)o]: n
2023/04/13 10:19:26 Your TimescaleDB may not run as well as it could. You can run timescaledb-tune.exe later if you change your mind.
2023/04/13 10:19:26 Installing TimescaleDB library files…
2023/04/13 10:19:26 ERROR: no library files found
Press ENTER/Return key to close…

Please help resolve this installation error.