Promscale certified as Jaeger storage backend with the release of Promscale 0.16.0

The Promscale team is proud to announce Promscale 0.16.0.

With this release, Promscale is now a certified Jaeger backend, and passes all Jaeger storage backend tests.

You can read the announcement and how Jager tracing works with Promscale in the article “Using PostgreSQL as a Scalable, Durable, and Reliable Storage for Jaeger Tracing.

Also, with this release, we improved the performance of trace ID queries made from the Jaeger UI. [#1626]

Besides the two improvements, we fixed the following:

  • Queries that returned no references/links when querying traces ingested using the native Jaeger API. [#1641]
  • Traces queries that returned duplicated events and links (or logs and references in Jaeger) for traces with more than one event and one link. [#1678]
  • Incorrect reference types when retrieving Jaeger traces with multiple parent references. [#1681]
  • Incorrect population of span.kind field in Jaeger to get operations to respond.

:books: Release notes

:cloud: Get started now with Promscale on Timescale Cloud (free 30-day trial, no credit card required) or self-host for free.

If you have any questions about this release or TimescaleDB in general, we’d love to hear from you! :raised_hands: You can share your thoughts in this thread or the Slack Community or directly open a GitHub issue.

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