Prometheus support in Promscale

Promscale has native support for Prometheus metrics, and it is 100% PromQL compliant.

  • The Promscale Connector ingests Prometheus metrics, metadata and OpenMetrics exemplars using the Prometheus remote_write interface. The Promscale Connector exposes Prometheus API endpoints for running PromQL queries and reading metadata, allowing you to connect tools that support the Prometheus API, such as Grafana, directly to Promscale for querying. It’s also possible to send queries to Prometheus and have Prometheus read data from Promscale using the Promscale Connector on the remote_read interface.

  • Promscale automatically translates the data from the Prometheus data model into a relational schema. This schema is designed to optimize the ingestion, query performance, and storage of Prometheus metrics in TimesaleDB. Check out our docs for more info.

  • For instructions on how to configure Prometheus to use Promscale as a remote storage, click here.

  • For instructions on how to configure Prometheus to optimize performance, click here.

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