Preventing modifying database schema once deployed

In brief:
Restricting users from modifying the database schema

TimescaleDB version: Latest
PostgreSQL version: Latest
Other software: NA
OS: Windows/Linux
Platform: Any
Install method: Anyt]
Environment: [Production]

Is there any way we can prevent users from updating the database schema? Following deployment, there is a reasonable chance that the user will modify/add new tables. As a result, we wish to prevent users from modifying the database schema.

Hi @Mohammed_Iliyas_pate , as you know Timescale is all about Postgresql and you can inherit all permission system, granting or revoking access to users as you can do in Postgresql.

If the user is supposed to only read the data, I guess you can REVOKE the CREATE, ALTER and DROP access to the user.

Thank you @jonatasdp.

Appreciate your help.

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