OpenTelemetry auto instrumentation with tobs

We just released a new version ot tobs! With this latest release, tobs includes support to automatically instrument your Python, Java, and Node.js services with OpenTelemetry traces via the OpenTelemetry Operator.

This means that, by installing tobs in your Kubernetes cluster, your compatible microservices will get automatically instrumented with traces, and they will automatically send them to Promscale.

To start generating and storing traces,

  • Install tobs in your Kubernetes cluster via Helm. (Please, notice that in order for this latest release to work, it is necessary to install tobs using the Helm route, not the CLI.)

  • Add an annotation to the microservices pods you’d like to collect traces from (e.g., "true") before deploying them.

:point_right: To see an example (and a more detailed walkthrough), check out this blogpost.

Got feedback or questions? Please, let us know! :pray: