Monitoring Promscale

We’ve built a set of out-of-the-box alerts, runbooks, and a dashboard to help you “observe the observer” - aka Promscale!


  • You will find a collection of 17 alert rules in this YAML file. They will help you track the health of common performance issues, related to data ingestion in Promscale, PromQL queries, cache, and Promscale database processes.

  • Every alert has an associated runbook that will help you fix the issue. The collection of runbooks (13 in total) lives here.

To help you visualize everything, we’ve built several Grafana panels which you can import to your own instance. We tell you how to do that in our documentation.


Want the long version? Then check out this blog post for a deeper walkthrough of this set of tools. You will understand better why we defined those specific alerts and not others; this reasoning is tied to how Promscale works under the hood.

Hope you enjoy this! If you have any questions, you know where to find us :heart: