Migrate docker container from timescale:latest-pg15 to timescale-ha:pg15-latest

Ok, so the first thing I need to point out as I’m fairly new to docker and I have a couple of observations:

  1. The reversing of the tag naming scheme between timescale and timescale-ha is very confusing.
  2. Why is the normal image under 380MB and the -ha image 3.3GB?!? Did I do something wrong?

So I have TS up and running and ingesting tons of data (almost 10MM records in two tables) and it’s been working pretty good. I’ve also being going through all the online documentation which is quite good overall. I started looking at some of the experimental functions and quickly figured out that I don’t have them.

A little googling helped me figure out that they’re not included in the standard image only in the ha image.

So can I easily migrate?


  • OS: RHEL 8.6 on Azure VM
  • Containers being managed by Podman

Welcome @richard.s, glad that Timescaledb is working fine for you!
I don’t have a complete answer, but the high availability image is more complete than the other image and not only bring the postgresql but several other tools. If you go around the ha repository, you’ll see it says TimescaleDB Docker image for Kubernetes while the simplest version is just the Postgresql with the timescaledb extension.

I’m not sure how far and easy will be your migration, but I assume you can create a backup and try to reload in the other image.

I think you can try to just go and replace with the other image, so, just make sure you have a backup before you start! Give a try and let us know if you stuck at any point.