Is there a Docker image with both Promscale and timescaledb_toolkit?

I’ve been playing around with Timescale/Promscale for a while because I wanted a more persistent storage for Prometheus with better querying capabilities. And while I managed to migrate my data using prom_migrator, I can’t get nice Grafana dashboards out of it. All the convenient functions seem to be part of timescaledb_toolkit, which apparently isn’t installed in the Docker image.

I think I must be doing something wrong. I’m running timescaledev/promscale-extension:0.3.1-2.5.2-pg14 as the database image. And besides not containing the toolkit functions, the name is very suspicious too - “timescaledev” certainly doesn’t sound like something I’d want in production.

So could someone please point me to the correct documentation section?

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There’s also the timescale/timescaledb-ha image but I don’t know what to make of the listed tags. When I run it, I see neither the toolkit nor the promscale extension. But the code repository for that image looks like it might be configured to include both.

The timescale/timescaledb-ha image is what you should use. It’s our official image combining all of our extensions. While neither the promscale nor the toolkit extensions are installed by default, they are both available in the docker image and can be installed with the “CREATE EXTENSION” sql command.

You can verify this with the select * from pg_available_extensions order by name; I just verified this for timescale/timescaledb-ha:pg14-latest which is the tag I suggest you use.


Thank you. I was not aware that I’d have to create the extensions first. I somehow assumed the default database would just include everything by default.

Please note the promscale extension will be installed automatically by the connector. But toolkit needs a “CREATE EXTENSION”

The timescaledb-ha docker image is poorly written. Why does it move the postgres data directory and try to chmod it. It doesn’t even work with rootless docker.

This image is much better and more standard: Notice how it has 50M+ downloads while the other one has much fewer. Can you please include promscale extension in that image.

Hello @proms
Sorry to hear you’re frustrated with the -ha image…
We’re always looking to improve on things, and while I can’t promise any immediate resolution be assured that your feedback has been shared with the team for their review.
We always appreciate the time that folks take to let us know when there’s a better way, so thank you for adding your voice to this one :pray: