How to install Promscale

Install Promscale on Kubernetes

If you want to use Promscae in a Kubernetes environment that still doesn’t have Prometheus or OpenTelemetry installed, the best option for you is to use tobs, our CLI tool. This tool will install a full observability stack for you, including tools like Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger, the OpenTelemetry Operator… Everything will be configured and ready to go.

If you are already using Prometheus and OpenTelemetry in Kubernetes, check out these alternative installation options:

Install Promscale from a pre-built Docker container

We recommend using the timescale/timescaledb-ha image, which is our official image combining all of our extensions, including Promscale. You can find it in Docker Hub.

(PS: If you also want to install the Toolkit extension, it is also available within the timescale/timescaledb-ha image - you can also install it using the CREATE EXTENSION command. Note that note the Promscale extension will be installed automatically, but Toolkit does require you to run CREATE EXTENSION.)

Install Promscale from source

Lastly, you can install Promscale from source on any operating system. The Promscale source files are available from our GitHub releases page.

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I successfully installed Promscale using the pre-built Docker image as described here, but it looks like the timescaledb_toolkit is not included. Is that intentional?

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Hi jirka!

I believe Mat has already solved your issue here (Is there a Docker image with both Promscale and timescaledb_toolkit? - #3 by mat).

Indeed, we were not pointing you to the right image in the original instructions :pray: Sorry about that! I have edited the original post, which now points to the timescale/timescaledb-ha image.

Thanks a lot for your post!