Egress cost on AWS

We’re running some services on AWS and would like them to add to and retrieve data from Timescale Cloud in the same region.

Will we need to pay for egress from Timescale Cloud if it runs in the same region as our services?


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Hi @Remmelt
Ideally, I’d like to get you to chat with a Customer Success Manager here at Timescale?
However, Timescale Cloud does not charge for egress.
Hope this helps?

Thanks for the quick repsonse @LorraineP. The question is if AWS would charge us for sending data to you, not the other way around. Sorry for the confusion :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looking at some previous discussions in-house at Timescale, it seems that it depends on if you are in the same AZ (and therefore region) as the Timescale service? If you would like to let me have via DM some contact info I can ask the appropriate Customer Success Manager to get in touch to get to the bottom of this for your particular case if that might help?

Please send me a DM @LorraineP. I’m unable to send one to you, hopefully, I can reply.

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