Does Timescale Cloud support Debezium?

Hey all!

I was wondering if Timescale Cloud supports Debezium?

It’s an application that uses logical replication to stream certain events into a kafka stream (we want to do this for auditing purposes).

Realistically, we just need to be able to setup logical replication, and we seem stuck since we are not super users on timescale cloud.

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Hi Ashton

There’s this link here to answer the ‘general’ question of debezium I think

I’ll head off and check the status with respect to Timescale Cloud.

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TimescaleDB itself doesn’t support logical replication on hypertables, because logical replication in Postgres doesn’t work with DDL commands. In particular, you are subscribing to logical changes on a specific relation/object, which is an individual chunk. While a hypertable actually is comprised of many chunks, and those chunks are created automatically (DDL) when you try to insert into a region of hypertable that doesn’t exist before.

So with that said:

  • You can use Debezium into TimescaleDB, where vanilla Postgres (or something else) → Kafka → TimescaleDB hypertable storing events
  • You can’t use Debezium out of TimescaleDB, where you are trying to track changes to TimescaleDB hypertables, due to the above limitation around Postgres logical replication.