Create continuous-aggregates from base table

i have a base table which update with more than 500 item per second and whole table contain almost 500 million data. how create continuous-aggregates from this table by interval 1m?
if i create the Create continuous-aggregates will it goes to loop? because handle this much data will take time while in this time new data comes

Continuous aggregates are (re-)materialized at a schedule (add_continuous_aggregate_policy - [1]) or when you explicitly request it (refresh_continuous_aggregate - [2]).

Furthermore, you can decide if a continuous aggregate only returns the materialized data, or if it should also do a live aggregation on the non-materialized part via querying the raw data.

You can find detailed information on continuous aggregates in the documentation [3].

[1] Timescale Docs
[2] Timescale Docs
[3] Timescale Documentation | About continuous aggregates

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