Control the creation of pods on a specific node in azure AKS

I used the helm chart to deploy timescaleDB on Azure AKS, where I created 5 nodes and deployed timescaleDB. Following deployment, I noticed,

  • Both data-node-2 and access-node-0 were deployed on the same NODE ( aks-agentpool-17831602-vmss000003).

  • Data-node-1 and data-node-2 are deployed on separate NODES ( aks-agentpool-17831602-vmss000001 and aks-agentpool-17831602-vmss000002).

  • Despite the fact that Nodes (aks-agentpool-17831602-vmss000004 and aks-agentpool-17831602-vmss000005) were ready, data-node-2 was deployed on the same node as access-node.


How can we control the creation of pods on a specific node?
Is it possible to specify the creation of that access node or data node that should get created in a specific NODE.

Hi @Mohammed_Iliyas_pate

Haven’t been able to find you examples or code that covers this, but I’m wondering if this might work as a step-off point for you (in answer to a different but similar question). I know that you’ve found your own solutions before so I thought it might help inspire something :nerd_face:

Scheduling a pod to a specific node is possible using taints mechanism in Kubernetes. If a user wants to prevent workloads from being scheduled to the same node for HA purposes, it’s also possible to use topology spread constraints.