About the Promscale and Observability category

For topics and questions related to Promscale, the observability backend powered by SQL, and for general discussions on the topic of observability.

Ask here if:

  • You want to discuss if Promscale meets your use case
  • You need to clarify your understanding of the Promscale docs
  • You’d like help with the installation and set up of Promscale
  • You’ve encountered an error and need to know how to deal with it
  • You’d like to share what you’re doing with Promscale with other community members
  • You have some thoughts on how we could make Promscale even more awesome than it already is :star_struck:

Wider discussions

We’re more than happy to host community discussions about observability!

For questions that are wider than Promscale, this is a great place to exchange knowledge around topics related to observability such as

  • Prometheus configuration and management
  • Setting up Grafana and sharing info about dashboards
  • OpenTelemetry
  • Metrics, logging, and tracing
  • Tips, tricks, and go-to products