A beginner's guide to EXPLAIN ANALYZE

At Timescale Community Day in October 2021, Michael Christofides, half of the team behind pgMustard explored the differences between EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN ANALYZE, looked at three common performance issues, some useful tools, and shared some resources for you to learn more.

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Thanks for sharing Lorraine! If anyone has any questions, let me know. For the avoidance of disappointment, we didn’t actually get to the three most common issues in this chat, but I did include them in my slides here: Timescale Community Day slides — pgMustard

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This got me to subscribe to pgmustard, and I can say it does save a bit of time in identifying the source of the problem with a query. Enough time to make it worth the subscription over a year.


Glad to know it’s been insightful @BenSkelton ! :pray:

Thank you @BenSkelton , so glad to hear it’s helping!