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Save costs by managing your data

TimescaleDB gives you the features you need to manage your time-series data.

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What does managing your time-series data mean?

The essential strategy for reducing costs and improving performance by managing how you store, query, and archive data.

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Managing your time-series data helps you build better applications


Lower costs

Spend less with data retention policies and 94% compression rates from best-in-class algorithms.


Accelerated performance

Speed up your application with features that improve query performance on time-series data.

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TimescaleDB features for managing time-series data

  • Continuous aggregates compute common queries in the background
  • User-defined actions let you customize background tasks with your data
  • Data retention lets you decide how and when you want to archive data

See how to manage your time-series data

Watch the video and learn how to use several TimescaleDB features to manage the lifecycle of your time-series data.

Save money and improve performance of time-series data

Developers ❤️ TimescaleDB


“TimescaleDB allows us to scale our services without introducing completely new technologies to the mix...This is important so that we can keep the team small and agile and stay focused on features, not infrastructure.”

Pedro Kostelec, CTO, Sentinel Marine Solutions

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flight aware

“We use archiving functions to copy some data into long-term storage, and a drop_chunks policy to ensure that rows older than one week are dropped to prevent unlimited table growth.”

Caroline Rodewig, Senior Software Engineer and Predict Crew Lead at FlightAware

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Continuous aggregates policies

Achieve greater performance by building and automatically refreshing common queries in the background.

See the how-to guideRead the docs

User-defined actions

Learn how to manage your data lifecycle.

See the how-to guideRead the docs

Data retention

Manage your data by setting data retention and tiering rules.

See the how-to guideRead the docs
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