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PostgreSQL extension for time series, analytics and events

Timescale Cloud is the easiest way to use TimescaleDB, the extension that scales PostgreSQL for time series.

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Build faster with a PostgreSQL database purpose-built for time series

Scale PostgreSQL for time series, events, and analytics with Timescale’s automatic time-based partitioning and indexing, incrementally-updated materialized views, columnar compression, and time series hyperfunctions.

Supercharge your PostgreSQL performance

Get 10-100x faster time series queries than vanilla PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, and MongoDB with automatic time-based partitioning and indexing. Give your users answers in milliseconds, not minutes with Timescale’s continuous aggregates.

“TimescaleDB’s continuous aggregations changed our dashboards from sluggish to lightning fast. It used to take minutes to run some long-term data queries. Now, almost all queries for long-term data are sub-second.”

Jon Eskilsson, , Software Architect at Edeva

Scale PostgreSQL further without breaking the bank

Get 90+% storage savings via columnar compression. Seamlessly tier data into consumption-based object storage, while still querying tiered data in SQL. Flexible vertical scaling with independent compute and storage plans. Powerful horizontal scaling with multi-node deployments. Bottomless object storage on Amazon S3.

Leverage the PostgreSQL ecosystem you know and love

Every Timescale database comes equipped with PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB, the PostgreSQL extension for time series. Leverage the entire PostgreSQL ecosystem of extensions, tools, and connectors. If it works with PostgreSQL, it works with Timescale. Keep using all the PostgreSQL features you love: data types, index types, CTEs, UDFs and more. 100% SQL. No learning curve.

“Since TimescaleDB is an extension to PostgreSQL and immediately integrates with existing tools including PostGIS, it was a very painless integration for our engineering team.”

Luke Smith, Technical Architect at Urban Observatory

Timescale Cloud

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