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Zondax specializes in Ledger app building, protocol, and exchange integration, providing a varied portfolio of services. Many exchanges, hardware wallets, privacy coins, and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols widely use their end-to-end software solutions. The database is a critical part of the foundation that supports their software services for leading blockchain projects, financial services, and prominent ecosystems in the blockchain space.

Zondax used custom PostgreSQL modifications like indexing strategies and high availability setups. They also did some benchmarking using NoSQL databases like MongoDB but saw no substantial improvements in the write and read query speeds.

After installing Timescale on their infrastructure, Zondax noticed a substantial increase in performance when writing or querying the database. They kept optimizing Timescale, such as using timescaledb-tune and converting critical tables to hypertables. This resulted in faster data processing. A few dozen terabytes were processed in only 1-2 days, compared to waiting a couple of weeks.

IndustryFintech & CryptoUse caseAnalytics, data scienceImpact
Improved query performanceShortened time to process dataImproved developer productivity
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Thanks to Timescale, we drastically shortened the time to process data and accelerated our progress in delivering quality results for the projects.

Ezequiel Ryanaudo, Data Team Leader at Zondax

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