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Paze Industries

Paze Industries provides an Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution for thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that make up the backbone of the European machine manufacturing industry. Their offering differs from other solutions because they want to empower machine experts to work with data and create value for the organization (no advanced IT know-how required).

As a result, they’ve built a product that makes data easily accessible, usable, and flexible—so everyone can act as a data scientist. This low code and highly streamlined approach drastically reduces integration efforts and setup costs compared to similar solutions.

Initially, Paze Industries was using CrateDB to store their time-series data. As the amount of data grew, Paze Industries required a more robust and complete database to handle the increasing demands of operational efforts. Each Paze Industries customer onboards about 20-150 users, so the low CPU demand for single queries was a main requirement for their scaling needs.

Timescale met and even exceeded all of Paze Industries' query speed requirements. Paze Industries reported that the main advantage of Timescale was CPU utilization. A single query on CrateDB would max out all 64 cores of the benchmarking setup, whereas single Timescale queries only require 1-6 cores. Paze Industries makes heavy use of several Timescale features that are particularly useful for an IIoT use case, like data reordering, continuous aggregations, and data tiering to reduce operational complexity and total cost of ownership.

IndustrySmart ManufacturingUse caseMonitoring, metrics, customer-facing applicationImpact
Faster queriesIncreased scalability and stabilityReduced operational complexity and TCO

Query speed is always important, but for us, the biggest advantage of using Timescale is its operational stability and query scalability.

Andreas Nigg, CTO at Paze Industries

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