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Edeva is a Swedish company that creates powerful solutions for smart cities. It offers managed services and complete systems, including hardware and software platforms. The team also obtains large amounts of environmental data for decision-making and develops a screening scale to help law enforcement agencies assess vehicle overloading. The latter, for instance, decreased the amount of time needed to control each vehicle, speeding up traffic checks and allowing law enforcement agencies to control more vehicles.

Edeva stored their data in MongoDB, and it worked well for them, but it required a lot of administration and was more challenging to onboard other developers. They also struggled to get accurate percentile data, and their dashboards were sluggish. It took minutes to run long-term data queries. They looked at InfluxDB but never considered it in the end because it was yet another system to learn, and they had learned that lesson with MongoDB. They were looking for a system that doesn't require tweaking and administering every tool.

Since Timescale is basically PostgreSQL with time-series functionality, migration and onboarding new developers became much simpler because most of them already knew SQL. Thanks to the Timescale continuous aggregates, they can aggregate the data first to speed up the queries and take the load off the database. The dashboards are now lightning-fast, and long-term data queries that used to take minutes now take sub-seconds.

IndustryIoTUse caseMonitoring, analysisImpact
Faster developer onboardingImproved query performanceWorry-free database maintenance

The Timescale feature that has had the most impact on our work is continuous aggregations. It changed our dashboards from sluggish to lightning-fast. It used to take minutes to run some long-term data queries. Now, almost all queries for long-term data are sub-second.

John Eskilsson, Software Architect at Edeva

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