Senior Software Engineer - Infrastructure / Platform


Timescale helps developers build the next wave of computing, through its managed cloud-native platform for supercharged PostgreSQL. Scale further, build faster, spend less.

Are you excited by advanced cloud-native infrastructure? Containerized stateful applications running in multi-cluster Kubernetes, supporting a fully self-service product experience built around a high-degree of automation and scale?  Want to work on highly-technical infrastructure, with end-to-end lifecycle ownership from new product development to operations at scale?

Come help us build the next great database cloud.

We're looking for experienced platform engineers to help us design, build, and operate the infrastructure for Timescale Cloud, which is built primarily in Golang. Thousands of containerized services, advanced networking, disaggregated storage, monitoring and telemetry, spread across many regions world-wide.  Real distributed systems problems in production. You’ll focus on and balance reliability, survivability, evolvability, performance, and security, ensuring that Timescale Cloud achieves its uptime SLAs while continuing to innovate at a rapid pace. And in building a platform for developers, infrastructure is also the product, so you’ll also care about contributing to great product experiences for users.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with a close-knit team, building and maintaining the infrastructure that powers our platform. Your work will be instrumental in developing our Kubernetes-based clusters and infrastructure. You will interact with the Kubernetes API and codebase to build controllers, operators, and applications that power our platform. Additionally, you will work closely with and further develop our infrastructure tooling to ensure the health, stability, and maintainability of our clusters. 

It’s still Day 1 here at Timescale. You’ll have the opportunity for significant impact and ownership.  

Timescale is a 100% remote organization, with engineers throughout the world.  For team effectiveness, this open role is primarily for those in North/South American (Eastern) and European timezones.

You Will

  • Be responsible for building, maintaining, and operating our platform infrastructure.  You take this responsibility seriously, as our customer’s mission-critical workloads rely on us.
  • Develop in Go, but you can up-level those skills while here
  • Be responsible for maintaining and operating our platform infrastructure.  You take this responsibility seriously, as our customer’s mission-critical workloads rely on us.
  • Work collaboratively with your team and other Timescalers to succeed together. You view communication as a critical part of your job (including both brainstorming random ideas and  providing more structured design and code review feedback).
  • Contribute to the growth and success of Timescale Cloud.  You will bring your experience, passion, and commitment to building great data infrastructure to developers worldwide.

You Have

  • Strong programming skills (we mostly use Go but are more concerned with good fundamentals)
  • Familiarity with developing Kubernetes operators, controllers, and custom CRDs
  • Experience deploying and maintaining production-quality Kubernetes clusters at scale. Knowledge of Kubernetes cluster orchestration tools like kops or kubeadm a plus.
  • Deep knowledge of Linux and containerized environments, and familiarity with “infrastructure as code” (e.g., Terraform, Pulumi, Crossplane)
  • An understanding for designing, understanding, and debugging complex distributed systems.
  • Experience with developing for and operating on AWS

Req: 2394