Software Engineer - Backend / Microservices


Timescale helps developers build the next wave of computing, through its managed cloud-native platform for supercharged PostgreSQL. Scale further, build faster, spend less.

Do you love great developer experiences? Databases? Modern cloud infrastructure? Are you excited by the opportunity to build the next great database cloud, supporting a fully self-service product experience built around a high-degree of automation and scale?

We're looking for backend engineers with great growth potential to help us build the backend microservices, APIs, and other software infrastructure for Timescale Cloud, which is built primarily in Golang. You’ll have the opportunity to work with and learn from a close-knit, experienced engineering team.  You’ll design clean microservices and interfaces that will interact both with upstream and frontend APIs, and interact with our Kubernetes-based clusters and infrastructure.  You’ll care about developing great user experiences for developers and believe that cloud engineering teams should own their products from design to implementation to operation.

While you’ll help build services serving thousands of customers, it’s still Day 1 here at Timescale. You’ll have the opportunity for significant professional development, growth, and impact.

Timescale is a 100% remote organization, with engineers throughout the world. For team effectiveness, this open role is primarily for those in North/South American and European timezones.

You Will

  • Contribute to the growth and success of Timescale Cloud.  You will bring your passion and commitment to building a great database cloud experience for developers worldwide.
  • Develop in Go, but you can learn or up-level those skills while here
  • Work collaboratively with your team and other Timescalers to succeed together. You view communication as a critical part of your job (including both brainstorming random ideas and  providing more structured design and code review feedback).
  • Ensure that Timescale Cloud remains reliable, scalable, and flexible as we continue to grow, and take the responsibility for hosting customers’ mission-critical databases seriously

You Have

  • Good programming fundamentals
  • Experience building microservices or full-stack engineering (with an emphasis on backend)
  • An understanding of distributed systems, databases, and other cloud technologies
  • Great communication skills and a willingness to learn

Req: 2392