Timescale Newsletter Roundup: May 2021

Timescale Newsletter Roundup: 
May 2021

In this edition, we're sharing a lot of new resources, courtesy of our Always Be Launching (#ABL) initiative: a month full of announcements and product updates.

We kicked off with our Series B fundraising news 🎉, and continued the momentum throughout May, with oodles of updates, including: 6 Timescale Cloud releases (including Timescale Cloud Explorer, VPC Peering, and even larger storage & compute plans), 2 TimescaleDB releases, 1 Promscale release, and publishing the State of PostgreSQL 2021 survey results. We're sharing the highlights here, and rounding out the list with a few of our favorite resources and awesome technical content from community members.

We’re always releasing new features, creating new documentation and tutorials, and hosting virtual sessions to help developers do amazing things with their data.

We’re on a mission to teach the world about time-series data, supporting and growing communities around the world. And, sharing educational resources as broadly as possible is one way to do just that 🙂.

Here’s a snapshot of the content we shared with our readers this month (subscribe to get updates straight to your inbox).

Product updates & announcements

[NEW - #ABL]: Timescale docs: new design, new tutorials, and more >>

Developers deserve great docs, and we just unveiled some 💯 updates: streamlined organization and fresh new UI, better getting started guides, and an easier contribution process.

[NEW - #ABL]: $40 million to help developers measure everything that matters >>

We’re excited to announce a $40 million Series B investment, led by Redpoint Ventures – and, to celebrate, we’ve kicked off an ambitious (and possibly foolish) plan to execute 10+ launches over the month of May. Ajay - Timescale CEO and co-founder - shares how we’ve come a long way in 4 years, how we’re just getting started, and what’s to come.

[NEW - #ABL]: How we made DISTINCT queries up to 8000x faster on PostgreSQL >>

We just released TimescaleDB Skip Scan - new in TimescaleDB 2.2 - a custom query planner node that makes ordered DISTINCT queries blazing fast in PostgreSQL. Developer Advocate Ryan Booz breaks down how it works, runs through benchmarks, and where to get started.

[NEW - #ABL]: The State of PostgreSQL 2021 report is live >>

The State of PostgreSQL 2021 results are in! Our goal was to learn more about how people around the world are using Postgres – and we hope you find the results as interesting as we do.

[NEW - #ABL]: Announcing Timescale Cloud Explorer: A better way to understand your cloud database >>

A cloud-native database needs a cloud-native experience – and the Explorer is an easy-to-use “operations center” for understanding the state of your database instances. We incorporated community member feedback to ensure the Explorer shows the most useful information for managing and running your apps on TimescaleDB.

[NEW - #ABL]: TimescaleDB 2.3: Improving columnar compression for time-series on PostgreSQL >>

We just shipped TimescaleDB 2.3, which makes native compression even better – and suitable for nearly every use case. Key improvements include: enabling inserts directly into compressed hypertables (vs. manual workarounds) and supporting automated compression policies on distributed hypertables 🎉.

[NEW - #ABL]: Securing your time-series data with VPC Peering for Timescale Cloud >>

We're excited to announce Timescale Cloud VPC Peering, a new feature that enables you to securely connect your existing AWS infrastructure to Timescale Cloud without ever exposing it to the public Internet.

[NEW - #ABL]: New compute plans (up to 32 CPU/ 128GB RAM) on Timescale Cloud >>

Hot on the heels of our new 10TB storage plan, we recently added new Timescale Cloud compute plans, so you have even more flexibility to choose the options that work for you, now and as you continue to scale.

  • 🐥 See our Twitter thread for the highlights of this launch.
  • 🔎 See Timescale Cloud docs for more details about features, configuration tips, and tutorials.
  • 👉 If you haven’t tried Timescale Cloud yet, sign up for a free 30-day trial (no CC required).
  • For those of you already using Timescale Cloud, you can select new compute options as you create new services, or upgrade existing services at any time.

[NEW - #ABL]: How we do continuous backup/restore validation on Timescale Cloud >>

Timescale Engineer and PostgreSQL contributor Oleksii Kliukin gives a behind-the-scenes tour of how we automatically test backups to ensure they can be restored when users need them (and how we use PostgreSQL tools and Kubernetes to do it).

[NEW - #ABL]: Announcing automated disk management: Safely managing your cloud database >>

We just launched automated full disk management for Timescale Cloud, a new capability to ease operational overhead, protect against unforeseen overages, and keep your database up and running.

[NEW - #ABL]: Promscale 0.4: Drawing inspiration from Cortex to rewrite support for Prometheus high-availability >>

With this release, Promscale is now even more robust and suited for both simple and enterprise-grade deployments (and everything in between). Updates include: better support for Prometheus HA, multi-tenancy support, improved user permissions, and more.

New technical content, videos & tutorials

[Project - Community]: Pynsor - Script to insert monitoring data into a TimescaleDB >>

Shout out to Johannes Schriewer for their work on Pynsor: a Python script to insert monitoring data into TimescaleDB (not to mention those dashboarding skills).

[Community - Watchlist]: Hands-on introduction to Promscale | Rawkode Live >>

Promscale engineers Matvey Ayre and Vineeth Pothulapati join #RawkodeLive to share everything you need to know about Promscale, including how it works, why we built it, and how to get started.

  • 👏 Big shoutout and thank you to David McKay for having us!

[Community - Watchlist]: Replay our talks from PromCon 2021 >>

For those who couldn’t attend PromCon 2021, our talks are now available on-demand. Kudos to the PromCon organizers for an awesome event!

New #remote-friendly events & community

[Virtual Watercooler]: Sign up for July 6th Office Hours >>

This time around, Nuno Santos will be your host, ready to answer questions about multi-node, upcoming releases, and beyond. Every session is different, but they're always full of questions, demos, and pro tips from TimescaleDB engineers & community members. (Not to mention full of fun 🥳).

  • 📅 RSVP to attend July 6th Office Hours.
  • 👋 Join our Slack to connect with us and more folks in the TimescaleDB community.

TimescaleDB tips, reading list & more

[TimescaleDB Tip]: How to simulate a basic IoT sensor dataset on PostgreSQL or TimescaleDB >>

Want to test out TimescaleDB or PostgreSQL for your IoT scenario, but not sure where to start? Use this how-to to simulate an IoT sensor dataset, load data, and run example queries to inspire your analysis.

[Reading List]: Why SQL is beating NoSQL, and what this means for the future of data >>

May 4th was Star Wars Day, and it’s no secret that we’re big Star Wars fans. Check out this Star Wars-infused history of databases, from a New Hope to NoSQL Strikes Back and Return of the SQL.

[Reading List - Community]: Why we chose TimescaleDB over InfluxDB >>

Our friends from United Manufacturing Hub share three reasons why they selected TimescaleDB for their Industrial IoT scenario, plus advice for other developers.

[Reading List]: Top 5 PostgreSQL extensions >>

We love PostgreSQL for many reasons, but a big one is its extensibility and vast ecosystem of 20K+ extensions. We round up a few of our favorites, why you’d use and how to install each one, plus a few sample queries and pro tips to get you started.

[Community Spotlight]: TimescaleDB compression in action >>

Thank you to Vitaliy Kukharik for sharing their compression results, including 93%+ storage savings and 20x query speed improvements! We love to see results like these (and any and all ways community members use TimescaleDB 💛).

Wrapping Up

And, that concludes this month’s newsletter roundup. We’ll continue to release new content, events, and more - posting monthly updates for everyone.

If you’d like to get updates as soon as they’re available, subscribe to our newsletter (2x monthly emails, prepared with 💛 and no fluff or jargon, promise).

Happy building!

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