Timescale Newsletter Roundup: March 2020 Edition

Timescale Newsletter Roundup: March 2020 Edition

From new remote-friendly online coding sessions to ways to roll-your-own analytics solutions, we craft our newsletter to share awesome technical content and resources with our community 2x/month.

We’re always creating new documentation, tutorials, code samples, and virtual sessions to help developers everywhere do amazing things with their data. And, to make it easy for our community members to discover and get the resources they need to power their projects, teams, or business with analytics, we round up our favorite new pieces in our biweekly newsletter.

We’re on a mission to teach the world about time-series data, supporting and growing communities around the world.

...sharing educational resources as broadly as possible is one way to do just that :).

Here’s a snapshot of the content we shared with our readers this month (subscribe to get updates straight to your inbox).

New technical content, videos & tutorials

[Blog] Use open datasets and open source tools to chart the spread of COVID-19 >>

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to run queries against John Hopkins University's COVID-19 confirmed case reports, use Grafana to plot your results on a world map, and share your findings.

[Blog] Homegrown monitoring for personal projects: Prometheus, TimescaleDB, & Grafana FTW >>

Learn how Tyler - one of our newest additions to the team - setup a "roll-your-own monitoring" solution with 99% storage savings – and how you can do the same, be it for your personal projects or a critical piece of business infrastructure.

[Session Replay]: Analyze Your Prometheus Data in SQL: 3 Queries You Need to Know >>

Our resident webinar pro Avthar breaks down how to set up a long-term store for Prometheus metrics (and why you should), write custom queries, and spin up Grafana dashboards.

Screenshot of Grafana dashboard with 5 different graphs
Sneak peek of the Grafana dashboards you'll learn how to create in our tutorials & session replays.

[Blog]: Public Dataset Tips & Tricks: How to weave together public datasets to make sense of the world >>

Public datasets often require a series of cleanup (or "normalization") steps. We show you 2 ways to rework your data, so you get to the best part: analyzing and using data to better understand your world.

[Video] Devopsdays NYC Demo: Using TimescaleDB + Prometheus + Grafana >>

Follow along with this <10 min video to see how to write queries to store + analyze your monitoring data and spin up Grafana dashboards to visualize trends.

[Blog]: Read our latest roundup of community questions & answers >>

In “Your Questions Answered,” we share a few questions we’ve received from around the world and answer for all to see. We tackle how to scale your reads and writes, improve continuous aggs, query geospatial data, and more.

New #remote-friendly events & community

[#remote-learning] Guide to Grafana 101: How to Build (awesome) Visualizations >>

We 💛 Grafana @ Team Timescale  – join Timescale Developer Advocates as they talk through how to build Grafana visualizations that work with any dataset. Our goal: you leave with the practical skills and inspiration you need to build your own (awesome) dashboards for your projects.

  • 📊RSVP to start tackling filters, gauges, histograms, world maps, and more.

[Community Meetup] Join us @ DataPub a virtual meetup for open data enthusiasts >>

Love open datasets, hearing about community members’ projects, and learning how to build your own? Join us to learn ways to use public data to monitor situations (including COVID-19), rework inefficient queries, and more.

[Timescale Product] : Get your questions answered @ Timescale Office Hours >>

Have a query? We’ve got answers. Join community members and the Timescale product and Customer Care team - whether you’re just getting started or have advanced questions, we’re here to help.


[Timescale Product]: Check out the latest 1.6.1 release updates and what’s coming soon >>

We just shipped a minor maintenance release with numerous bug-fixes, now available via GitHub and in Managed Service for TimescaleDB (thank you to our community members who submitted issues!).

[Timescale Team Fun]: Looking for new remote team bonding or Zoom virtual background ideas? We have fun with our own version of “Family Feud,” pizza, and the Cretaceous period...

Zoom video screen showing 6 participants with various virtual backgrounds
Over 60% of Timescalers sit outside of our NYC HQ, but we've stepped up our remote bonding fun with book clubs, games, watercooler Zoom rooms, and beyond.

Wrapping Up

And, that concludes this month’s newsletter roundup. We’ll continue to release new content, events, and more - posting monthly updates for everyone.

If you’d like to get updates as soon as they’re available, subscribe to our newsletter (2x monthly emails, prepared with 💛and no fluff or jargon, promise).

Happy building!

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