Timescale Newsletter Roundup: March 2022

Timescale Newsletter Roundup: March 2022

It's events season here at Timescale! 🥳 Our team participated in many events in the past few weeks, so they are the star of today’s newsletter roundup. Keep reading to find out what we were up to. It was exciting to meet you all!

Speaking of events: we hosted the second edition of our very own Timescale Community Day. ✨ We chatted with community members about all things databases, PostgreSQL, observability, and more. In case you missed it or are in need of a throwback, you can check out the recording!

One last thing: we also held a new edition of #AlwaysBeLaunching, our beloved initiative through which we challenge ourselves to bring you tons of new features and content! 🤩 We are #AlwaysBeLaunching fans, and this week was no exception! We brought you several long-awaited features which made Timescale Cloud even better. Keep reading to find out more.

Elsewhere, we include new episodes of our Women in Tech series, a developer story from our friends at Speedscale, and assorted tutorials, events, and how-to content to help you continue your journey to PostgreSQL and time-series data mastery. 🎉

Here’s a snapshot of the content we shared with our readers this month (subscribe to get updates straight to your inbox).

Product Updates & Announcements

[Product update] Tobs 0.9 is out

We just released a new version of tobs! Tobs stands for “the observability stack for Kubernetes” It’s a CLI tool that makes it simpler to install a full observability stack into a Kubernetes cluster including tools like Prometheus, Promscale, TimescaleDB, Grafana, Jaeger, and OpenTelemetry 🙌. This new version includes significant improvements, including the support for OpenTelemetry auto-instrumentation.

[Product update] High Availability for Your Production Environments: Introducing Database Replication in Timescale Cloud

Timescale Cloud now supports database replication, allowing you to significantly reduce potential downtime in your production database in case of failure and improve performance through read replicas.

[Product update] Improved One-Click Database Forking in Timescale Cloud

One-click forking has been available in Timescale Cloud since December 2021. Now, you can take it a step further and select an independent compute or storage plan when you create your fork. This is a helpful option to conveniently scale down your service if you have too much extra storage (let’s say your data volume has decreased a lot after enabling compression!) and in many other scenarios.

[Product update] Multi-Users Accounts in Timescale Cloud

Working with your team is now easier with the new Timescale Cloud multi-user functionality! You can easily share your project with teammates and manage their access to the Timescale Cloud services for quicker, more efficient collaboration. 🙌 This feature is immediately available for everyone using Timescale Cloud. Haven’t tried it yet? You can start a free trial, no credit card required.

  • 🍿 Watch this video to learn more about Timescale Cloud projects and how you can invite your teammates to join and manage their access.
  • 📚 Read the docs for details on the multi-user functionality and how your team can leverage it.

[Product update] Guten Tag, Deutschland! Frankfurt 🇩🇪 Available in Timescale Cloud

You can now create Timescale Cloud services in the AWS eu-central-1 region (Frankfurt, Germany). 🎉 Yes, all the scale, flexibility, and worry-free features of our modern database cloud are available in the following North American and European AWS regions: us-east-1, us-west-2, eu-west-1 and eu-central-1 🐯☁️. Just select your area when creating a service!

New Technical Content, Videos & Tutorials

[Watchlist] Timescale Community Day

Thank you so much for joining us on the second edition of the Timescale Community Day! 🙌 It was great to meet you and hear your feedback! Couldn’t make it? 😢 Not a problem! Catch up on a full day of virtual (and practical) talks about data, PostgreSQL, observability, and all things time-series.

[Watchlist] Deploy a Full CNCF-Based Observability Stack in Under 5 Minutes With tobs

To deploy an open-source o11y stack-based Prometheus and OpenTelemetry can be complex, but trust us—it doesn't have to! 🙌 In this webinar hosted by the CNCF, Vineeth Pothulapati shows you how to use tobs (our CLI tool) to deploy a complete observability stack in under five minutes into your Kubernetes cluster.

[Watchlist] Using OpenTelemetry and SQL to Understand Your Distributed Systems

Ramon Guiu, VP of Observability in Timescale, joined the DevOps for Everyone community to talk about OpenTelemetry, Kubernetes, tracing, and the future of o11y. Did you miss the meetup? No worries—check out the recording!

[Watchlist] Dok Specials: Ask Us Anything About Postgres

Earlier this week, Developer Advocate Ryan Booz joined DoK community for a Ask Me Anything panel discussion.

[Watchlist] #WomenInTech Interview Series

The Women’s History month may have come to an end, but we will carry on celebrating and uplifting women in our #WomenInTech interview series. In these short videos, you will find stories of strong, inspiring women (inside and outside Timescale) sharing their experiences about life, work, and more.

[Watchlist] Foundations of PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB

Are you a SQL and database management systems beginner? This is the right course for you! In this third lesson, the Timescale Team will provide you with an overview of indexes and how they work to make queries faster, and enforce constraints.

[Podcast] DevOps Paradox #151: What Is OpenTelemetry?

As an application developer, you know you need data about your application. Usually, that data starts with logs. Over time, you add in metrics. At some point, you might add traces. With OpenTelemetry, you get all three with one tool. In this episode, Ramon Guiu speaks with DevOps Paradox hosts Viktor Farcic and Darin Pope about the OpenTelemetry landscape and how as an application developer you might want to start using OpenTelemetry in your projects.

New #Remote-Friendly Events & Community

[Event] Timescale Community Day

Thank you so much for joining us on the second edition of the Timescale Community Day! 🙌 It was great to meet you and hear your feedback! Couldn’t make it? 😢 Not a problem! Catch up on a full day of virtual (and practical) talks about data, PostgreSQL, observability, and all things time-series.

[Event] Citus Con 2022 (April 12-13, Virtual)

Did you read our pg_stat_statements blog post but would like to deep dive into some questions? For instance, do you know which of your PostgreSQL queries are acting abnormally today vs. yesterday? Does your database performance lag unexpectedly at certain times of the day? Developer advocate at Timescale, Ryan Booz, will answer all your questions in this session about the pg_stat_statements monitoring tool.

[Event] Contributing.Today Meetup (April 13, Virtual)

As more and more companies rely on open-source solutions for their ever-growing data 📈, join a panel of experienced developers, tech evangelists, product researchers, and dev advocates (including Timescale’s own James Blackwood-Sewell) for a discussion about the usage and maintenance of open-source databases, DBaaS, and much more.

[Event] Timescale Monthly Office Hours (May 3, Virtual)

Got a question about TimescaleDB? Our virtual office doors are wide open! Whether you need a little help getting started or are solving a complex use case, our technical team will be happy to answer all questions. Join us in on the fun!

[Community spotlight] Automated Mocking Using API Traffic: Speedscale's Story

In this edition, Ken Ahrens, co-founder and CEO of Speedscale, joins us to share how they modernize and automate testing practices for cloud infrastructure by providing API traffic data going into and out various microservices. Thanks to TimescaleDB, Speedscale´s UI loads quickly and provides the ability to drill deep down into high-fidelity data.

[Community Spotlight] CloudQuery on Using PostgreSQL for Cloud Assets Visibility

Our friends from CloudQuery join us to share how they've set up their data stack to extract, transform, and load cloud assets data into normalized PostgreSQL tables.

  • 🙏 Big thank you and shout out to Ron Eliahu for sharing CloudQuery's story!

TimescaleDB Tips, Reading List & More

[Reading list] OpenTelemetry and Python: A Complete Instrumentation Guide

Do you want some tips on Otel instrumentation? This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to instrument your applications with OpenTelemetry tracing 🔥 using a simple Python app example! We cover both the manual and auto-instrumentation routes, teaching you how to mix them up and add reports on exceptions.

[Reading list] Identify PostgreSQL Performance Bottlenecks With pg_stat_statements

Learn how to track your query performance issues with pg_stat_statements, a PostgreSQL extension now enabled by default in Timescale Cloud! You can use pg_stat_statements to identify which queries are performing poorly and why, whether long-running, low hit cache ratio or high standard deviation queries.

Wrapping Up

And, lastly, if you know someone who'd like to join our team—or learn more about life on Team Timescale 🐯—we're currently hiring across all teams (and 100 % remote). Check out our careers page to view all of our open positions.


The Timescale Team

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