Timescale Newsletter Roundup: April 2022

Timescale Newsletter Roundup: April 2022

Welcome! Here is a snapshot of the content we shared with our readers this month: you'll find video lessons and recordings of live events, a Community Member Spotlight from our Swedish friends at Edeva (who are using IoT data to impact life in modern cities), and a blog post that deep dives into the four types of Prometheus metrics for all you observability masters out there.

We also included a comprehensive list of events where you can update your technical knowledge. Watch this space and subscribe to our newsletter for fresh updates straight to your inbox.

Product Updates & Announcements

[Update] TimescaleDB 2.6.1

Say “hello” 👋 to TimescaleDB 2.6.1, a patch fix with several bug fixes. This release has medium priority for upgrade; we recommend that you upgrade at the next available opportunity.

New Technical Content, Videos & Tutorials

[Watch] Timescale Live: Capturing Web3/Crypto Data

We introduce you to Timescale Live, live and always available tech talks for developers building data-intensive applications! 🥳 In our debut session, host and developer advocate Miranda Auhl chatted with Trading Strategy’s CEO Mikko Ohtamma on the challenges of the decentralized market data. We invite you to attend our next session on May 26, where we’ll focus on observability!

  • 📹 Watch dev advocate Attila Toth presenting a demo on storing and analyzing crypto data with TimescaleDB in our first session!

[Watch] Understand Your System Like Never Before With OTel, Grafana, and Promscale

Working with cloud-native architecture? Need to know how your systems are behaving or, in fact, misbehaving? 👀 Ramon Guiu, VP of Observability at Timescale, shows how you can use OpenTelemetry, Grafana, and Promscale for a complete overview of your systems.

[Watch] Contributing.Today Meetup

Join James Blackwood-Sewell (senior developer advocate at Timescale), Rain Leander (AppDev technical evangelist at Cockroach Labs), Gregory Stark (senior open-source PostgreSQL developer at Aiven), Suzanne Daniels (senior relations lead at Spotify), and Laura Ham (machine learning product researcher at SeMI Technologies) on a fun and casual conversation about open-source databases, DBaaS, licenses, and developer communities.

[Watch] #WomenInTech Interview Series

Every techie has a story to tell. In our #WomenInTech interview series, we are breaking the bias by celebrating and uplifting women’s perspectives. Browse our YouTube playlist for short videos with wise career advice, compelling stories, superpowers, and plenty of inspiration from women inside and outside Timescale.

New #Remote-Friendly Events & Community

[Event] o11yfest 2022 (May 9-12, Virtual)

Now in its third edition, the o11yfest is back again to empower DevOps practitioners with solutions to improve observability—and we wouldn’t miss it for the world! Visit us at our virtual booth during the event, and watch out for two very special talks with the Timescale product manager Vineeth Pothulapati, and our VP of Observability, Ramon Guiu.

[Event] PostgreSQL Conference Germany (May 13, Leipzig)

Organized by PostgreSQL Europe, PostgreSQL Conference is the European event for all things PostgreSQL. Besides watching a talk hosted by Timescale’s senior engineer Oleksii Kliukin, catch up with our team at our booth! We’re excited to meet you!

[Event] Data on Kubernetes (DOK) Community Day 2022 (May 16, Hybrid)

If you’re looking to learn the best practices for running data on Kubernetes and take part in leading discussions on the topic, it’s time to join the DOK Community! Oleksii Kliukin, senior engineer at Timescale and Kubernetes enthusiast, will host one of the sessions at DOK Community Day and answer all your questions.

  • 📕  Read this blog post to know how you can deploy a full observability suite for Kubernetes in two minutes.

[Event] PrometheusDay Europe 2022 (May 17, Valencia, Spain)

Metrics fanatics, unite! This is an opportunity to spend a whole day talking about observability and meeting the Prometheus community. Also, watch out for Matvey Arye’s talk! The TimescaleDB/Promscale architect will show how you can use Prometheus for performance benchmarking, making finding and fixing issues easier.

[Event] GlueCon 2022 (May 19, Denver, US)

Are you looking for the latest in-depth technical information? GlueCon is the place to be! 🙌 If you’re part of the PostgreSQL community (or want to know more about it), don’t miss Timescale’s director of developer advocacy, Ryan Booz, who’ll be hosting the session “When Old is New Again: PostgreSQL as a Model for OSS Longevity and Success.”

[Event] KubeCon Europe (May 18-20, Valencia, Spain)

We have so many tricks up our sleeve for KubeCon Europe 😎  Yeah, sorry, you will have to wait and see! Stop by our booth for some demos, chat with the Timescale Team, and check out all the amazing things we’re prepping for the leading open-source and cloud-native communities!

[Event] Write the Docs Portland 2022 (May 22-24, Virtual)

Want to know we built and grew our Docs Team? Timescale’s technical writer, Lana Brindley, will tell you all about it on May 23 at Write the Docs, the world’s leading documentation conference. In her talk, Lana will share the knowledge she accumulated over 17 years of documentation management and get into the specifics of building a docs team, including tools and workflow organization.

[Event] PGCon 2022 (May 26-27, Virtual)

Oleksii Kliukin is on fire 🔥 Don’t miss out on yet another talk by the senior engineer at Timescale at PGCon 2022, the PostgreSQL conference for users and developers where you can chat about the world of PostgreSQL. We’ll share more info about his session very soon! Watch this space!

TimescaleDB Tips, Reading List & More

[Read] A Deep Dive Into the Four Types of Prometheus Metrics

Are you wondering what the differences are between metrics in Prometheus and OpenTelemetry? We got you covered! Join us in a three-part blog post series in which we’ll deep dive into all things metrics to help you determine the best standard for your current (and future) needs. In this first post, you’ll learn about the four metric types in the Prometheus exposition format: counters, gauges, histograms, and summaries.

[Read] How Edeva Uses Continuous Aggregations and IoT to Build Smarter Cities

In the latest issue of our Community Member Spotlight series, we meet with John Eskilsson, software architect at Edeva. The Swedish company collects time-series data using IoT devices and then presents it to customers on its platform for impactful decision-making that helps create smarter cities using TimescaleDB.

  • ✍  Check out how Edeva uses continuous aggregations to impact city life in this blog post.

[Read] Identify PostgreSQL Performance Bottlenecks With pg_stat_statements

Learn how to track your query performance issues with pg_stat_statements, a PostgreSQL extension now enabled by default in Timescale Cloud! You can use pg_stat_statements to identify which queries are performing poorly and why, whether long-running, low hit cache ratio, or high standard deviation queries.

Wrapping Up

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