A multi-cloud, fully-managed service for time-series data, now available in AWS, Azure, and GCP with 75+ regions and 2,000 configurations

A multi-cloud, fully-managed service for time-series data, now available in AWS, Azure, and GCP with 75+ regions and 2,000 configurations

We’re excited to announce that Managed Service for TimescaleDB, the leading cloud service for time-series data, is now even more powerful, combining the widest cloud provider and region support with the best performance, scale, and developer experience of any managed service for time-series data.

One year ago, we launched Managed Service for TimescaleDB as the first multi-cloud fully-managed service for time-series data. We initially launched Managed Service for TimescaleDB to offer developers all of the power of TimescaleDB, the leading relational database for time-series, without needing to worry about database operations.

We’ve seen fantastic growth over the past 12 months, and we’ve continued to make significant investments in the platform to ensure it meets the needs of developers and organizations all around the world.

Today, we are excited to announce some of these major improvements. To support our global customers, Managed Service for TimescaleDB is now available in 76 regions, across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, with 2,000 different CPU and storage configuration options to provide developers even more flexibility.

You can now incrementally scale up or down in the region of your choice, with CPU options ranging from 2 to 72 CPUs and storage ranging from 20GB to 10TB (equivalent to 150TB+, thanks to TimescaleDB’s best-in-class compression).

With time-series data, each data point is inserted as a new value, instead of overwriting the prior (i.e., earlier) value. As a result, time-series workloads scale much faster than other types of data.

Managed Service for TimescaleDB solves this problem, with added benefits: you get a database service that not only seamlessly scales to larger workloads, but also offers full SQL and rock-solid performance and reliability no matter your size – all without incurring the astronomical costs you’d pay with other managed services. Performance, scale, SQL, and low cost - Managed Service for TimescaleDB has it all.

To get started, you can sign up for a free trial right away, or book a 30 min technical demo with the team to customize a plan for your scenario.

But if you’re still not convinced, check out the below to learn why customers select and trust Managed Service for TimescaleDB – and how it frees them to focus on what matters to their business.

What Managed Service for TimescaleDB customers have to say

Everactive focuses on optimizing customer experience for their revolutionary batteryless sensors, not scaling their database

“We have over half a billion of rows of data in development and production, across dozens of rows and several tables, and we needed a database that could handle this volume, while also allowing us to use our internal teams and resources. We evaluated several options, and Managed Service for TimescaleDB was the clear winner: we get to use SQL and leverage tools already available in PostgreSQL, but don't have to worry about database administration or scalability. We can set it and forget, freeing up our engineers to work on optimizing our customers' experience."

– Clayton Yochum, Data Science Staff Engineer at Everactive, a technology company revolutionizing Industrial IoT with batteryless sensors.

When I Work reduces their monitoring footprint and costs by combining Prometheus with Managed Service for TimescaleDB

“Timescale Cloud [Managed Service for TimescaleDB as of Sept 2021] has dramatically reduced our monitoring footprint and costs from our previous tools, with simple pricing that allows our developers to collect more custom metrics than ever before. We rely on Prometheus to collect key metrics from each environment, while Timescale aggregates and alerts on them in real-time - something most Prometheus aggregators do not guarantee - and its basis on Postgres allows us to rely on the existing, exhaustive documentation and depth of tooling for that platform. Timescale Cloud [Managed Service for TimescaleDB as of Sept 2021] provides the uptime we need for constant monitoring, and the Timescale team has continued to be responsive to problems and questions, while simultaneously delivering new features at an incredible pace.

– Sean Sube, DevOps Engineer at When I Work, a popular SaaS platform for employee scheduling, time and attendance, hiring, and more.

Blue Sky tackles global climate change with advanced geospatial and time-series analytics

“Timescale Cloud is a great place to start working with time-series data, and I strongly recommend it to developers. With Timescale Cloud, you can adjust the system to meet your needs in terms of scale and flexibility…the possibilities are endless! It is truly a cutting-edge technology that has expedited our mission of commanding the space of environmental data.”

– Kshitij Purwar, CTO at Blue Sky Analytics, a startup on a mission to use geospatial data to fight climate change (read more about how Blue Sky Analytics uses data to power their platform).

Check out below to see what’s new and how to get started with a 30 day free trial, no credit card required. We know every customer and scenario is unique, and we’re here to help with any questions along the way.

What’s New:  2,000 configurations in 75+ regions on AWS, Azure, and GCP

Our latest update adds more pricing tiers and CPU/storage combos, making it easy to incrementally scale disk consumption from 20 GB to 50, 100, 250 512, up to 10TB, and CPUs from 2 to 4, 8, 16, up to 72 CPUs.

The most clouds and regions of any managed service for time-series data, now available in:

aws-af-south-1 google-asia-east1 azure-eastus2
aws-ap-east-1 google-asia-east2 azure-eastus
aws-ap-northeast-1 google-asia-northeast1 azure-southeastasia
aws-ap-northeast-2 google-asia-northeast2 azure-westeurope
aws-ap-south-1 google-asia-northeast3 azure-germany-westcentral
aws-ap-southeast-1 google-asia-south1 azure-australiasoutheast
aws-ap-southeast-2 google-asia-southeast1 azure-northcentralus
aws-ca-central-1 google-australia-southeast1 azure-uae-north
aws-eu-central-1 google-europe-north1 azure-india-central
aws-eu-north-1 google-europe-west1 azure-india-west
aws-eu-south-1 google-europe-west2 azure-korea-south
aws-eu-west-1 google-europe-west3 azure-south-africa-north
aws-eu-west-2 google-europe-west4 azure-korea-central
aws-eu-west-3 google-europe-west6 azure-brazilsouth
aws-me-south-1 google-northamerica-northeast1 azure-westus2
aws-sa-east-1 google-southamerica-east1 azure-germany-central
aws-us-east-1 google-us-central1 azure-germany-northeast
aws-us-east-2 google-us-east1 azure-southcentralus
aws-us-west-1 google-us-east4 azure-westcentralus
aws-us-west-2 google-us-west1 azure-canadacentral
google-us-west2 azure-canadaeast
google-us-west3 azure-japanwest
google-us-west4 azure-westus

You can also see all plans and calculate your estimated costs for various combinations with our Managed Service for TimescaleDB pricing calculator.

The leading cloud service for time-series data

With these improvements, Managed Service for TimescaleDB continues to increase its lead as the top cloud service for time-series data, with better performance, a better developer experience, and a lower cost than AWS RDS, MongoDB, InfluxDB, AWS Timestream, and others.

  • Supercharged Postgres. The same PostgreSQL you know and love, but better: full SQL, rock-solid reliability, and the largest ecosystem of development and management tools. Be productive instantly.
  • Accelerated Performance. 10-100x faster queries than PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, and MongoDB. Easily handle high-cardinality data and build faster applications, without worrying about your infrastructure.
  • Massive scale. Write millions of data points per second. Scale up to 72 CPUs and 10TB of storage (equivalent to 150TB+ of uncompressed data). Managed Service for TimescaleDB grows with you.
  • Relational & time-series, together. Simplify your stack and store your relational data alongside time-series data. Ask more complex queries, build more powerful applications.
  • More cost-effective. Spend less with 94% compression savings from best-in-class algorithms, including delta-delta encoding, Gorilla, and more, and a memory-efficient architecture. For example, Timescale Cloud can be anywhere from 9X to 72X cheaper than AWS Timestream, depending on the type of workload (see pricing comparison worksheet).
  • Deterministic pricing. Crystal-clear pricing calculators so that you know ahead of time how much you’re going to pay at the end of the month. No end-of-month surprises.
  • More clouds and regions. Available on AWS, Azure, and GCP,  in over 75 regions around the world.  Managed Service for TimescaleDB meets you where you already are. By comparison, Influx Cloud is only available in 4 regions. AWS Timestream, whenever it officially launches, will only be available on AWS (and seems to be limited to one region right now during private preview).
  • We try harder. Our world-class support and customer success team is always here to help you, whether via email or Slack. We do whatever it takes to ensure your success, from advising on database design to giving you specific advice for query optimization and everything in between.

...with the largest time-series developer community

The TimescaleDB developer community has come a long way in just 3 years, with tens of millions of downloads and over 500,000 active databases today.

This community includes organizations like AppDynamics, Bosch, Cisco, Comcast, Fujitsu, IBM, Schneider Electric, Samsung, Siemens, Uber, Warner Music, and thousands of others, including:

  • Wise, for providing instant global monetary transfers with accurate conversion estimates
  • Zabbix, the open-source IT monitoring platform, for storing metrics from servers, virtual machines, and network devices
  • SAKURA Internet, a leading Internet infrastructure service provider for businesses and individuals in Japan, for monitoring network traffic
  • LAIKA, the acclaimed animation studio (Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls, Kubo and the Two Strings, Missing Link), for IT monitoring consolidation
  • European Space Agency, for high-resolution studies of the Sun and inner heliosphere
  • Senseforce, as a centralized datastore for all their industrial IoT data and machine metrics data
  • Sentinel Marine, for maritime fleet management, managing boats and other assets
  • k6, for powering their load testing SaaS service for developers, DevOps, QA, and SRE teams
  • Grillo, for monitoring earthquakes in Mexico in real-time with low-cost sensors

Ready to Explore?

To get started, you can sign up for a free trial right away ($300 in free credits), or book a 30 min technical demo with the team to customize a plan for your scenario.

Please also reach out on our public Slack at any time to ask questions, get best practices from Timescale Product and Engineering (as well as our active community of developers), and tell us what you think.

The open-source relational database for time-series and analytics.
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