Timescale Cloud

Time-series data on AWS.

Compared to Amazon RDS, you can scale further, build better applications faster, and stay under budget.

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Scale further

Best-in-class performance helps you build faster applications, dashboards, and more.

  • Up to 800x faster time-series queries
  • Lightning fast performance for common aggregate queries
  • Scale inserts across multiple machines (1M+ rows/second)

Build better applications, faster

Purpose-built features and time-series functions for rapid application development.

  • More than 100 built-in functions for easier analysis of complex data
  • Use data retention policies to control the amount of and length of time data is stored.
  • Schedule background jobs in the database to automate common tasks.

Stay under budget

Better manage storage costs as you scale.

  • 90% storage savings via best-in-class compression algorithms
  • Maintain data at varying granularities to reduce storage footprint
  • Offload data to Amazon S3 when required

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